The laminitis answer book : over 200 questions answered

Your horse, pony or donkey has laminitis. It is the first time this has happened, and you are in a state of shock. Or it is the umpteenth time, and you are getting desperate. Fortunately, the Internet is bulging with information on this nasty disease. Facebook is full of good advice too. But after spending days in front of your computer screen, you feel dizzy. There are so many different ideas, opinions and advice that you can no longer see the wood for the trees. You just want clear answers to your questions. Questions like “Do I need to soak hay? How do I do that?” and “Could a vaccine or a worm treatment be the cause?”. You want to know whether or not you can feed willow branches to your horse. And what about therapeutic shoeing or those fancy hoof boots?

This book provides crystal-clear, practical answers to more than 200 questions about laminitis. Questions that crop up, time and again in all sorts of Facebook groups. Answers that are actually useful. This book will definitely help you and your horse.

134 pages
6 x 9 inch

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